Food technologist ,  "Finance - Banks" , Economist
Tirgu Mures
Address: BUL.1848,37 / 304
Phone: 0745572416   
Email : florin.georgescu_ms@yahoo.ro; cloantaf@yahoo.com 
Technical Manager - Engineer "Food Technology" 07 / 2011- present (5 years ,10 months )
Bread factory chief and head of department quality assurance 01 / 2001-05 / 2010 (9ani and 5 months)

Responsible Marketing 02/1996 - 12/2001 (5 years )
• Organizes market research and usage of marketing techniques that lead to technical and commercial prospecting and sales promotion
of products of the company.
• Participates to prospecting the market in order to know the consumption needs and future prospects in the near future.
• Prepare documentation materials in terms of economic efficiency in programming production in line with demanded market
• Presents offers for selling products made by the company
• Follows the continuous diversification of products and the improvement of merchandising stock according to market requests.
• Makes proposals of enrollment in manufacturing programs of products requested by customers.
• Proposes the research program design and redesign of products demanded on the market that have superior economical technical
• Elaborates calculations and prospective studies in sales of current products and those who are preparing to be launched on the market.
• Explores the market, establishing products that are in demand, guaranteed reliability, price trends.
• Explores tax policy and specific contractual conditions applied as appropriate.
• Explores the clients and  the offers made by them to be quickly realised in society.
• Knows every time the technical condition and the possibility of execution of the same products or similar products by other suppliers.
• Continuously advertises the products made by the company, prepares booklets and albums, participates and organizes exhibitions
with the company products.
• Drafts the publicity material and advertisements for products made by the company.
• Is aware of the prices of specific products of the company and the prices of similar competing products.
• In the field of pricing and analysis participates in price negotiations based on production costs, prices of related products, consumer
buying interest
• Evaluates the existing sales methods and proposes new ones, the effectiveness of advertising and and selects the mass media
channels for advertising.
Faculty (graduate)

Suceava - ROMANIA
Engineer "Food Technology"
Food Engineering Faculty 2006-2009
Faculty (graduate)

Targu-Mures - ROMANIA
Economist  "Finance - Banks"
Faculty of Economics  2009-2012
Faculty (graduate)
Manager  food safety
Description:Facultatea "Lucian Blaga " (2011 - 2011),Sibiu, Romβnia
Profile: Management

Sales management
Description: WIFI AUSTRIA & CEDRU Bucharest (1995 - 1995), Romania
Profile: Management

ISO22000 Internal Auditor
Description: TUV Thuringen (2011 - 2011), Targu Mures, Romania
Profile: Food Industry

General Marketing, Market Research, Marketing Planning
Description: Business Foundation Mures (1998 - 1998), Targu Mures, Romania
Profile: Marketing

Teacher Training Department - Level I
Description: Cantemir University (2015), Targu Mures, Romania
Profile: Education

Teacher Training Department - Level II
Description: Cantemir University (2015), Targu Mures, Romania
Profile: Education

Personal achievements
Design and modernization of bakeries, bakery, mill, waffles, pasta
Profile: Engineering
Danciu Ioan , Cloanta F 1993 Quantitative analysis of cleaning semolina obtained from milling garului few mills in the country..
Danciu Ioan , Cloanta F 1993 Milling wheat  ,analysis process,in a few units in the country
Florin Georgescu (Cloanta Florea) 2012 Rheology - Modern method of qualitative assessment of wheat flour .
Florin Georgescu (Cloanta Florea) 2012 Balances rheological.
Foreign languages
English - intermediate level
Digital Skills
• Computer Troubleshooting
• Installation of operating systems
• Installing Software
• Virus cleaning
• Administration computer network
• Router configuration
• Peripheral Installation
Known Software:
• Microsoft Office: Advanced User
• Corel Draw
• Adobe Photoshop
• Operating systems known:
- DOS,
- Windows 3.1
- Windows 3.11
- Windows 95
- Windows 98,
- Windows XP
- Windows 8
- Windows 10.
Driving license
B category
To work in a company that il allow me to use the knowledge acquired, to contribute to the development of both company and personal..
Decision change "Name and Surname"

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• Maintenance of bakery machinery
• Repairing Programs for bakery machinery
• Unplanned interventions
• Order parts from other companies
• Inteventional plans (doing their planning over a given period)
• Evidence "Sheet for equipment" (mechanical interventions on the machine)
• Preparation of procedures, work instructions to all machines on the technological flow
• Documentations of release for working reparations
• Register of manual labour reports on orders
• Coordination ,from technical point of view, of the whole technological flow
• Investments (acquisition of new equipment to replace technically or morally obsolate ones, expanding business with new
working points)
• Responsible for maintaining and improving food safety system ISO 22,000 and HACCP
• Preparing documents for participation in public auctions in SEAP
• The administration, computer network repairing, buying new units, installing operating systems, configuring routers etc.
• Management of public contracts.
• Representing the company in relation to state authorities
Curriculum Vitae - Updated  September 2017
Graduate Teacher Training Department
: ( Extract from " job description " )
• Controls, directs and responsible for all the production of the bread factory.
• Organises unit in order to make daily assortment in terms of adequate quality
• Develops manufacturing program to ensure the operation of facilities, equipment to normal parameters and in full security
pursuing on the one hand the rational use of capacities, and on the other hand framing in normal index on assortments.
• Follows the staff distribution on working phases in operations according to the complexity of their qualification.
• Follows the appropriation by each team working member of the order and discipline regulations on technological
requirements for operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment, as well as the handling and storage of raw
materials and equipment.
• Is responsible for drawing up manufacturing recipes signing each recipe before being displayed,following the observance
of the parameters enrolled.
• Follows the conduction of baking semi industrial samples by designated staff.
• Takes measures to ensure and maintain adequate labor relations within the unit, aiming how to respect order and
discipline at the workplace, showing intransigence towards any deviation.
• Is permanently concerned with the growth of labor productivity, improving product quality and reducing specific
consumption and cut down production cost by reducing the average number of personnel and the introduction of
mechanization and automation.
• Takes measures to ensure and maintain an adequate labor relations, seeks and responds to how the rules of labor
protection are applied and respected , prevention and fire fighting equipment providing working places with appropriate
means for this purpose .
• Ensures protective equipment for working personnel and specific working conditions without the risk of any accident or
occupational disease.
• Follows and responds for granting the leaves as planned
• Checks on a daily basis the validity of production data written in reports with all supporting documents,ensuring the
centralization and  periodically reportation of production.
• Controls daily the technical condition of existing equipment and installations and conducts the  mandatory operations of
revision, maintenance and lubrication with rigorous observance of the standards and technical regulations and those of
prevention of any damage, explosion or technical accidents.
• Manages the location and rational use of facilities, equipment and machinery in order to ensure the optimum process
• Designates people to provide technical assistance and to order the shutdown or restart the facilities and equipment.

Milling-Bakery  Under.engineer
Faculty of Food Industry, Aquaculture and Fisheries 1989-1993
Galati - ROMANIA
( Extract from " job description " )